A "High-Power" Push-Pull Crystal Oscillator Tx w/Power Supply, designed by "Sandy" Blaize, W5TVW, and first published in the BA-dedicated magazine, "Electric Radio". It is an adaptation of the Frank Jones original, which we have also shown on these pages. This transmitter may be used on 160, 80, and 40 meters, and would probably work just fine on the other Amateur Bands as well, although it has not yet been tried there. The power supply could be changed to a voltage-tripler, or quadrupler easily enough. The rig provides 90 watts or so input as drawn with the 1/2 wave voltage doubler, but could run as much as 150 watts input if the HV was higher. Sandy mentions that the screen voltage, and to a lesser extent, the filament voltage MUST be set to the correct value KEY DOWN.

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