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Begun: January 30, 1999

Last Updated: 4 May 2012

I am offering these pages to the Radio Amateur and others who enjoy using tubes, as a printable archive of electronic circuits which use vacuum-tubes.

I hope that the circuits, stories, and links found here will encourage you to BUILD and USE vacuum-tube circuits.

I have organized these circuits into general categories, i.e. Receiver Circuits, Transmitter Circuits, VFO Circuits, etc., and will probably further sub-divide these categories as time permits.

All circuits and articles taken from ARRL sources are used WITH PERMISSION of the ARRL.

Please click here for our disclaimer and other information on copyrighted information.

If you have any suggestions to make these pages more suitable for your interests, or would like some favorite circuit posted here, or would like to make corrections to any errors posted here, please e-mail me, Kenneth G. Gordon, W7EKB by posting an e-mail to kgordon2006 "at" frontier "dot" com.