The Mackay 128-AY Receiver

Some years ago, I tried to find a manual for the Mackay 128-AY shipboard receiver. I was able to find a manual issued to the U.S. Coast Guard which covered the same receiver, under a Coast Guard designation. However, unfortunately, the manual was missing one important page. Both the wiring diagram and the schematic diagrams were originally separated into three pages: one page from the wiring diagram is missing. Although I have tried repeatedly over the last several years to find a complete manual for this receiver, and, in fact, I know someone who has one, I have not yet been able to get a complete copy of this manual. If anyone reading these pages happens to have one or know where there is one, please contact me at kgordon2006 (at) frontier (dot) com. The .JPGs below can be printed from this website. The PDF contains them all.

The PDF contains all the above.